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What is Mobile Application Development?

Mobile application development is one of the most innovative fields in the world of technology which holds the future of business. This process involves creating software applications that run on a mobile device and use a network connection to work with remote resources.

In recent times, the number of smartphone users are more than 2.5 billion and every year consumers are investing billions on the new devices. A mobile app is an application software which is developed for smartphones, tablets, and wearable gadgets with multiple operating systems such as iOS, Android, KaiOS, Harmony OS, Tizen, and many more. Besides operating systems, this app development also includes developing installable software bundles (code, binaries, assets), executing backend services like data access with an API, and testing the application on selected devices.

Mobile Application Development Platforms

There are two platforms in the market of smartphone devices - iOS from Apple Inc. and the second one is Android from Google. iOS is made for iPhones and Android is used on various smartphones like Nokia, Samsung, Google Pixel, and many more. But when it comes to developing mobile applications, these two operating systems have some similarities and both the OS use various software development kits and toolchain. Developers can easily build endless apps using these operating systems.


Mobile Application Development Technology

There are four approaches when it comes to creating mobile applications and each of these has their own advantages and disadvantages. When choosing any of these technologies, a developer should focus on multiple things which include - resources, development budget, time, user experience in order to maintain that particular application.

Native Mobile Application

This development refers to the creation of multiple applications for each mobile device. So you have to create two applications for both iOS and Android. And after a successful creation, they need to be uploaded on different platforms. This application is written in the programming language and uses frameworks. The advanced design options and smooth performance of this application efficiently support all the smartphone features.

Progressive Web Application(PWA)

Progressive web application refers to deployment of apps that ensure fast responsive performance, similar to that of any native mobile app. It uses technologies like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5. Different unique features include offline browsing, running apps on the background, data analysis, and adding a link to the device home screen. We always make sure that progressive web apps run smoothly and seamlessly across all platforms to enrich the user engagement.

Hybrid Web Applications

The application brings the best of both the worlds - versatility of web apps and usability of native apps. The main benefit of using this app is no need of creating codes for each mobile platform, instead we can reuse code across different platforms by writing a part of it in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML and this app also uses the latest frameworks. Enhanced user experience, advanced design, excellent performance make this application versatile. Fast to develop, affordable, easy maintenance, and offer unique features to reach maximum audiences.

Cross Platform Application

This application refers to the creation of a common single code which can run on multiple mobile platforms. Our expertise team empowers your business with a competitive advantage and always ensures that this app delivers an exceptional user-experience, irrespective of the device it is being run on. The benefits of using a cross platform application is code reusability, consistency, cost-effectiveness, cloud integration, and you don't have to write the code for each platform.

How We Work?

  • We always believe in simple strategies and making user-friendly applications. Before we dig into this process, we start with listening to the requirements of the valuable clients so that we can prepare ourselves with creative and innovative mobile app development processes.
  • Next is the research part where we do research that includes developing code, technical restructuring, wireframing, and design UI/UX.
  • Testing is the most crucial part where the team tests the app and determines quality, any malfunctions, and looks for further improvement.
  • Once the app is bug free, it's the time to launch it in the world market of testing. Get the app on Google Playstores and iOS Appstores.

Why Choose The Three Web Solution for Mobile Application Development?

Transform your business ideas into mobile application with the most trust-worthy and experienced The Three Web Solution team. Being a client-centric organization, we consider the needs of the business and create relevant app solutions. Our team committed to delivering projects on time while offering reliable support. We employ modern technology and advancements for mobile app developing projects. Our team always works hard to serve you the best, open discussion and direct communication are our forte!